La Bruca Resort
propone la
Cucina Tradizionale
dello chef Trobia.

Vincenzo Trobia - Il nostro chef

My name is Vincenzo Trobia I am 41 years old and I'm Sicilian. I have more than twenty years of experience in national and international dining, so I consider myself a person fit to work with you. I have developed an integrated knowledge in the field, working in Italy and abroad for excellent
restaurants, hotel groups (Boscolo, Sol Melià, Akus) cruise companies (and Oceania) Tour Operators (Eden Viaggi) helping me to improve my training in the management of working groups, cost management, knowledge. I have worked in several countries, such as Libya, Egypt, Greece, Cuba and with different standards, in addition to continuous cultural exchanges on board cruise ships, with people from different nationalities. I enjoy teamwork, collaboration in achieving something concrete so as to always give a plus value to our guests, with the main objective of
satisfying their expectations and maybe going beyound. I am sure that future collaboration with you would promote my further professional and personal growth in this field.
HR skills: Having had the opportunity to work in a team of different sizes and nationalities, I have acquired the skills necessary to manage working groups with different characteristics, thus optimising performance, through targeted training. I have also participated in various leadership courses, learning the techniques of stress mana-gement and team coordination processes.
Costs and economic management: Working in hotels and cruise ships, I have acquired the skills necessary for the economic management of a kitchen, adding personal study and courses which I attended on standard recipes, warehouse management and inventory, food cost in all inclusive and a la carte, operating budgets.
Kitchen: I left this till last , to leave you with what is my personal concept of a kitchen. Starting from the principle that excellent raw materials make great food, I like to reduce the essential composition of the same, i.e. let the flavors of the ingredients, as much as possible not be contaminated.It seems trivial but, often, you miss the principle according to which, a customer who orders a bass, wants to eat bass, taste the flavor, evaluate its freshness and look for "archaeology", among other ingrediente. As far as my experience is concerned I have been able to deal with both a la carte cuisine and buffets and all inclusive menus.

Ristorante aperto da sabato 2 giugno (pranzo e cena). Prelibatezze dello chef

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